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Lets talk about beer, baby...let's talk about you and me...

Listen to Jusin and Brian crack a cold one and discuss the inner workings of Hop & Barrel's operation, beer secrets and critiques of new flavors.  So open your earballs and your favorite can of Hop & Barrel and join us on a hillarious and educational ride of a lifetime.



Brian knows beer. He's been in the business of brewing for many a long years. He has brewed around the world for others and now he's sharing all his super ssssshhhhhhh beer secrets. Cripes. His beer knowledge is so stupid good it's going to melt your ear bones off. So, come give it a listen, won't ya?


Some would say Justin is the brains behind the Brian.  But I would say they are two peas in a pod...or should I say, two hops in a barrel? Either way, Justin is not only a well seasoned brewer himself, but is a formidable master of business. No snake oil here. He's just selling you the sweet sounds of his beer biz expertise and what's trending in the industry today.

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